About Us

Bahar translates to spring, which is the time of year when everything gets refreshed and blooms back into life. That's our goal with Be Bahar: wear your clothes like the first time, everytime!

After 10 years of working in the fashion industry, Be Bahar’s founder realized the detailed attention given to caring for each item of clothing is instantly lost once the item reaches home. This inspired her to create a range of products that offer fast, effective, and convenient aftercare for fashions.

Our mission is simple: make fashion care easy and accessible for everyone. Millions of clothing items are prematurely discarded every year. We believe that sustainability can start with preservation. Our range of products offer simple at-home solutions for everyday wear and tear, so you can stop your clothes from looking old and worn, and get more use out of your favorite pieces.

Our products work together to repair, refresh, and rebloom your favorite fashions with simple steps that anyone can do. 

 Be Bahar logo pattern